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   I don't know whether you've seen a certain tag floating around the world of beauty on YouTube, but this is quite a new one, where basically you choose your favourite items that match the colours of the rainbow. I thought this would be fun to write about this week, so here's my blogger edition of the tag!


   Like most people, I went for the generic red lipstick for this colour, since it's the obvious choice for me. I love red lipstick, but this has to be my favourite at the minute, simply because it's a really dark matte colour. The Kate Moss range in general is so lovely, and they do have some really nice colours. This was £5.49 from Boots.


   This isn't really beauty, but it was either this or another lip product, so I thought I would mix it up a little. My mum originally got this for our living room, and it's actually from Asda would you believe it? It only cost a few pounds when she got it, however I don't know whether they still sell these. They do smell amazing, and this is a lovely orange/citrus smell. It also came with a lid but I kinda lost it somewhere, oh well.


   I don't actually own many things that are yellow, so this is what I came up with. It does have some green on but it doesn't really matter. Of course this is the dry shampoo from Batiste (Tropical) and it cost me £1.48 from Superdrug. It's also half the price there than it is at Boots, just letting you know. They have other lovely scents that I need to try out, but I just love the coconut smell of this one.


   For this colour I decided to go with my DKNY Be Delicious perfume and body lotion that I did get as a gift, but you can get it from Boots or Superdrug (Or any perfume shop) for between £30-40 depending on what size and whatnot. I really like this perfume as it's not too strong for me, and it does smell quite fruity. The lotion also smells just like the perfume, but it's not all that amazing if I'm honest. (P.S. Excuse the non-intended selfie on the perfume bottle.)


   This was an easy choice for me, since I love the Barry M Gelly range and this colour is my favourite at the moment. I only got this recently, but I just adore the pastel-y blue colour of it. The Gelly range costs £3.99 from Boots/Superdrug and I do recommend them, just because they're so shiny and thick. They're also easy to apply, and that's coming from the girl who is constantly messing up her nails.


   Usually on YouTube they will do an indigo then violet colour, but since I don't know what colour indigo is, I thought I would just go along with the 'purple' colour instead. Therefore I chose my Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes shampoo. Nowadays I don't tend to use this because I am trying to go darker on my dip dye, but I would definitely recommend these products, and the brand itself, especially if you have blonde or dyed blonde hair. The colour did scare me at first, but they do smell rather nice, particularly the conditioner. This cost me £6.99 from Boots.


   Like the colour orange, this isn't exactly beauty, it's more along the fashion route. But this is a type of Alice skirt I suppose; which I got from Primark a while ago for just £5! It was a bit of a random purchase as I was heading out of the shop, and it's not to everyone's taste, but I really liked the colour and pattern on the lace - Plus for £5 it was worth it. I wore this a few months back to my friend's birthday meal, with just a plain white blouse, denim jacket and bowler hat. It comes just above the knee and I wear it quite high-waisted.


   For the last one, since you're supposed to choose a multi-coloured item, I thought I would choose my developing  bracelet collection. These are the most colourful ones I could find, some are from the Primark mens section, and some I made myself using beads from a really sweet shop near where I live. Guess which one's I made?

    Anyway that is my rainbow tag completo. This suddenly turned into a really long post, so I'll keep this ending short and sweet. Thank you for reading as usual, and perhaps it has made you want to write your own rainbow tag post? No? Well alright then.


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