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   Yet again another week has passed, and yet again I seemed to have wasted another Friday night. This week hasn't been too eventful, I suppose the only partially exciting thing to happen, was that I handed in my application letter for head girl. I'm not going to lie, I sounded like a complete idiot in my letter, and it sounded so cheesy - But I suppose that's what you gotta' do. The only thing I'm scared about, and I'm not alone on this, is the fact that we have to do a speech in front of our entire year and teachers. I'm literally petrified, because even though I do drama and people think I'm alright with speaking in front of large crowds, I still get very nervous and my voice seems to go all shaky. It's not a pretty sight. Buy anyway, if you're currently thinking, or have gone for head girl yourself, please give me some advice? That would be great!

  Anyway this week, since I have a ton of revision this weekend, I just thought I would share with you my 5 favourite blogs at the moment...

1. Essie Button
I first started to watch her YouTube videos a couple of weeks ago, and then I learnt she had a blog some time after. This lovely lady is originally from Canada (I think) but she lives in the UK and does posts mostly about beauty, and even some DIY beauty which I love in particular. If you love Zoella as much as moi, then I recommend this women.

2. Molly Muses
I'm seriously jealous of her nail polish collection, and I hope someday to have as much as she does. I love the posts about her nail designs, since she somehow chooses the colours I love the most in the entire world, and she inspires me on some of my own nail polish purchases.

3. Stolen Sweethearts
I would say this blog is a mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. But she seems like a lovely girl, and into similar things to me.

Another blog with some beauty elements to it, but I would say mostly lifestyle and travel. Whenever I see her  blog I always want to go wherever she's been, and I love looking through all her pictures (Without sounding stalker-ish there) But it just makes me want to travel when I'm older.

5. It's Rowanne's Life
And last but not least is one of my favourite fashion blogs! For some reason I just love her style, and I wish I could dress like her more often if I didn't live in an area where I would get funny looks. Stupido. But I always like to get some ideas from other people, and this is a blog I always like to look through.

   And that is it people of the blogging world. I know this week isn't very exciting, but I hope to pick it up next week. I might even do a 'How to...' post Hmmm. Anywho it's getting towards my bedtime, so I guess I shall see you next weekend as always. Cheerio!


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  1. Thank you so much Megan! Your blog is beautiful and you've definitely gained a follower here :D

    Love, Mollie xo

    1. Ah Mollie you're such a sweetie, thank you!