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   Now this is the first time I've done a 'How To:' post so here it goes. I thought for my first one I'd show you how to do marble nail art, since I think it looks really pretty with the right patterns. If you're not one for nail art (Like moi) then patience is needed, because I didn't get this until the 5th or 6th attempt - It still takes me a few attempts now if I'm honest. But if you would like to have a go yourself, this is what you have to do:

What You Will Need

~ Nail polish (Obviously) - You can choose from 2-3 colours. The colours I'm using are Barry M Coral 290 and Lemon Ice 307. You can use any nail polish colour or brand though.
~ A small container to fill up with water
~ A cocktail stick (But I'm using the nib of this pen/pencil thing)
~ Nail polish remover
~ Cotton wool pad / Wipe

1. Paint your nails with base colour, preferably white if you have it, so the colours will show up brighter. But if you're like me, just use the lightest colour you have, I'm using yellow but you can also use a neutral or light pink.
2. Fill up your small container with water, and put a drop of the first colour into the water. This should then spread out, if not just swivel the container a little to spread out the nail paint. This should then turn a very light colour in the water, don't be fooled though and add more, it will be bright enough.

3. Once the first colour has spread out, take a drop of the second colour and put it in the water. This colour should also spread out as shown in the picture. You can then repeat step 2 if you like or stick with what you have. However I'm going to add another drop of the coral colour again.
4. Once you have the colours in the water, get the cocktail stick / pen nib / sharp end of something and create a pattern. I like to bring colours from the outside to the inside, but this is all about experimenting with the colours and patterns - So some may be better than others.

TIP: Once the nail paint has been added to the water, create the pattern as quickly as you can, or else the nail paint sets on top of the water.

5. When you have created the pattern, simply dip your nail directly into the water, so the nail can pick up the colours. When you lift up your nail it will look a little messy, but don't worry.
6. You then can just use your nail polish remover to tidy up your nail, and get rid of any excess nail paint on your skin.

7. If you can, use the same nail paint again and try and get another pattern out of it for another nail. If not, you will have to repeat the steps again to create another pattern, like I said you need patience for this. If you are starting again, you can easily clean up the paint in the water by just dragging it out.
8. And this is the finished product! You may have to practice this until you get it right, because it can be quite messy. I also suggest practicing in a clear space, not like me on my first attempt on the carpet (Mother wasn't very happy oops)

Well that is how to do marble nail art. I hope this has been thrilling to read as always, and I shall see you next  week. Cheerio!

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