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   This is the second of three parts to my gig-related posts, since I somehow have a gig every month at the moment - Such a thriving social life, it feels good! But on Thursday I went to Manchester Academy 2 to see We Are The In Crowd and Never Shout Never. For the night I decided to just go with simple make-up, since it was a bit of a rush after coming in from school. But I also chose a dark red lipstick (Kate Moss Matte 107), so my face didn't feel completely bare. I've also tried to wear mascara on my bottom lashes at the moment, which I have attempted in the past, but just gave in because I would always poke my eye. I think my skills with a mascara wand are slowly improving though.

   My outfit was pretty much the same as my last gig, but this time I decided to wear a plain white sleeveless vest; which is from H&M £3.99 (Bargain). Like for most gigs I attend, I also wore my trusty black high waisted Levi shorts. I got these really cheap from the ASOS Marketplace for £20, and they've been my little lifesavers when I've needed to keep my phone safe. The deep pockets are good for gigs since nothing ever falls out. My hair for the night was also pretty simple, I just messed it up a little using my L'Oreal Studio Matte and Messy Salt Spray, and then spraying it with hairspray. Oh, and I also wore a navy blue beanie, which I got from the men's section in Primark for £4 I think. (It was a while ago, and sorry I don't have a picture to show you.)

   When we got to the venue we were about 10 minutes late, but somehow we managed to get quite a good view for the two bands before We Are The In Crowd. When we first walked into the actual room though, I genuinely thought I had come to the wrong place because I had no idea who the band on stage were. Apparently though they were called Fort Hope, they were alright I suppose, but they did have a little screamo in their music which people may have divided opinions on. Personally I don't really mind it as long as it's not ALL of the song. I can listen if it's just a small section of the song. After these guys, a band called Never Shout Never played, who are just so happy and smiley all the time. Around the time of year 8, me and my friends used to listen to this band, so it was basically me and my friend reminiscing over the good times we had sat listening to them in art. 

Fort Hope
Christofer Drew - Never Shout Never

Never Shout Never
  Through a little bit of pushing and slowing squeezing ourselves past people, me and my friend managed to get so close to the barrier I could have cried with tears of joy! That was the furthest I've ever been to the front before, and when We Are The In Crowd came on, I think I was slightly overwhelmed with the sight of Cameron Hurley so close to me. Like always they were so good, and they never fail to make me lose my voice or hurt myself in some way, either from singing badly or jumping around for an hour. We didn't manage to catch anything they threw - Mostly because some guy next to us probably would've have punched us to get a guitar pick. No honestly, at one point he was on the floor looking for something, it was slightly irritating I'm not going to lie.

   As for the band's set, they played more acoustic/slow songs than they usually do, but it was still amazing all the same. If you like All Time Low or The Summer Set then I definitely recommend this band, since their songs are really catchy and they're a little different with the male and female vocals. As per usual, I'll just end up ranting on about how amazing the night was, but I thought I would just end it with some pictures I took of We Are The In Crowd, as well as a little video I managed to film when they first came on stage. Thank you for reading this little gig post, and I shall see you for part III next month. Au revoir...


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