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   Happy Easter everyone! Well for Sunday, but for me it's today since my order from Lush came that my mama ordered. It was supposed to come yesterday, but I think it came late because it was bank holiday Monday. However, Lush is forgiven, because their products are b e a utiful. If you don't know what Lush is then it's a store in the UK (I don't know whether they have it anywhere else) but they sell handmade cosmetics. They have actual stores in the UK, but because I don't really like venturing out, I decided to order mine online.

   I know it may seem slightly generic from people on Instagram publicising these products, but I have wanted to try some of their stuff out for a long time now. I was a Lush virgin before this, so I only ordered a few products (Hardly a haul) In the future though it may have to be since I just want to buy everything now. When it came this morning, I even loved how they'd packed everything. They have little stickers on things with the name's of people who have made/packed your order. I thought that was really sweet, so thank you Sophie and Peter.

So what did I get did you ask? Well...

1. Tea Tree Water - £7.25

   Now this bottle is the largest amount you can get, but you can also get a smaller bottle for £3.95 if you just want to test it out. This is basically a toner, that you can just spray/apply onto your face to wipe any dirt away. It also says that it can be used to remove any traces of make-up or just to cool the skin. Essentially though on the label it says '...For anyone with oily or spot prone skin.' This is definitely what I've needed because I do have fairly oily skin sometimes, but because I don't wear any type of powder, I sometimes feel quite conscious about it. The product itself also includes Grapefruit Water; which apparently brings minerals directly to the skin.

2. Cupcake Fresh Face Mask - £5.95

   This was something I wasn't really sure about buying because my skin doesn't really see any difference with face masks in the past. I thought I would try this one out though since it said it was specifically for younger skin, and plus it was chocolate cupcake scented, so my heart was set on it. Apparently you use this by keeping it in the fridge, and then once applied, leave it on for 5-10 minutes. After that you simply wash it off like any other face mask or scrub. At first glance it doesn't look too appealing, I must admit, and it does smell like a kind of very dark chocolate. Perhaps I was a little disappointed with this since I was expecting a more chocolate-y smell. The price of it is also a little high, in my opinion, because you don't get a large amount of it. At first I thought it would only last 2-3 times once applied, but the quality of it may be decent, so I'll have to try it out and let you know.

3. Creamy Candy Bubble Bar - £2.50

   Unlike the face mask, this is a good price for the product especially with the size of it. Because of the price I also decided to buy two of these bars as I thought they would last me a while. They have a range of these bubble bars, some at higher prices, but all still amazing. With the bubble bars, you can tear pieces off and then place it in your bath - And so these can last you ages. This then acts as a type of bubble bath, and apparently this one in particular turns your bath a candy-floss pink! I feel like a small child with this, and I can't wait to test it out because I really like the pastel pink colour of it.

4. Bubblegum Lip Scrub - £5.25

   For a while now I've heard people raving about this product over Instagram, and that's how I first came across Lush products. Event though it may be a little high price for some, especially since it only comes in a small jar, this didn't really affect me when wanting to buy it. Due to the popularity of it I thought I would order some, but I was torn between the popcorn and bubblegum flavour. In the end I chose the bubblegum, since like the bubble bar, I just loved the vibrant pink colour. The texture of it is quite sugary and it smells of the old Hubba Bubba Tape I used to get when I was younger. The purpose of the scrub is to remove any dry skin that may be on your lips, and after these last few cold months, this was most definitely needed! To use it you simply apply and scrub your lips, then you lick off the excess (Yes you can actually do that!) and then apply some sort of lip balm after to keep them moisturised.

   With all of the products from Lush, they fight against animal testing and only use natural ingredients to make their products. They're also handmade and smell like heaven. My whole room now smells of bubblegum as I'm typing this, and I can say that I will most certainly be buying from Lush again. I think my plans for tonight consist of using all of these products, and maybe having a pamper night before my busy week this week. Well this post has been longer than anticipated, but please check out the Lush products if you haven't already, and I hope that if you do this has helped you decide a little more. I hope to be posting again this week, so until then my lovelies.


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