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   Hello once again! How's your week going? Mine's been pretty alright, but today I'm in a reeeeeally good mood for some reason. It might be this weather I don't know. But yesterday I went out shopping with my list (The memo on my phone) and tried to get everything I needed. However, like always, my tactics changed to throwing everything in a basket and then eliminating things I couldn't afford - And this is what I came home with...
This was the first shop we went to, and all I needed was a few little essentials. 

1. Yellow Hair Doughnut - £1
   I have no idea whether or not I'm going to suit this when I use it in my hair, but one of my friends has one and I thought she really suited it. Whenever I have my hair up, it's usually in a loose scruffy bun, or long ponytail sometimes. This was a complete risk buy for me, but it was only a pound, so it's hardly wasting money. They also do them in other sizes and colours, but this was the right one for me, with it being made for blonde and long-ish hair.

2. Mid High Slouch Socks - £1.50
   These were so cheap I almost didn't believe it at first! I basically got these because I wanted some more socks that I could just slouch about the house in, and these say that exactly. They're an ivory colour and they ruffle slightly around the ankle. But because they're cheap, they're not exactly mega thick, but you get what you pay for in Primark - And I was happy with that. The only thing I would say to Mr Primark is that they were placed quite badly in the shop I go to. At first I was going to give up on finding socks because they had a very limited choice, but then I saw these near the till as I was about to pay. So watch out Primark buyers, Top Tip: Check out the tills before you buy!

3. Cream Floral Make-Up Bag - £2.00
   Now I'm not someone who owns loads of make-up, but for the small amount I do own, I don't actually have anything to put it in. Before, it was just on top of a storage box. But I only needed one that was small and cheap, and that's what it is. It has a pretty floral pattern on it, with red and pink flowers, and the bag itself is a creamy white colour. Great for me and my make-up.

4. Black and White Purse - £4
   This was a Godsend to me as I've been looking for a new purse for so long, but just not seen any that have really caught my eye. I fell in love with this one though, since it has everything I want in a purse. On the outside is a black and white zig-zaggy pattern that feels like a type of plastic straw or something. It then has a black leather trim and a gold zip on the back. Inside you have two separate parts for different things. The first is for your cards, receipts, paper ect. And it's just the right size since I only own the one debit card, but I wouldn't really recommend it if you have loads of store cards and whatnot. My favourite part about this purse though, is the second section for all of your coins. It has a gold coin purse clasp that I think looks super cute, and that's probably why I love it so much.

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo (Coconut & Exotic Tropical) - £1.45
   This was the only thing I picked up from Superdrug. It was half price on most of the Batiste range, and so I thought I'd pick up one just for those occasions when I become I bit lazy with my hair sometimes. I've had this scent before and it smells like the Bounty coconut chocolate bar, and it makes my hair so soft.

   Personally I prefer Boots to Superdrug, I don't know what it is, but I just feel like I could spend my life in there. The first time I went yesterday, they didn't have what I needed; which kinda put me down because I was looking forward to buying some new items. However, with my mama being as amazing as she is, she took me to another Boots that night and treated me. This is when I took advantage of the 3 for 2 sale they have, which I had to restrain myself from, or else I would have bought EVERYTHING.

1. Charles Worthington Front Row Heat Defence Spray - £5.49
   With this product, my mum really likes Charles Worthington so I thought I'd stick to the brand I know. All I really needed was a basic heat defence spray for my hair. Plus, I'd heard that this smells really nice and doesn't leave your hair greasy; which can sometimes be a problem, especially with my hair.

2. Eco Tools Bamboo Powder Brush - £9.99
  I needed a make-up brush, and it was there.

3. Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips - £7.99
  I first saw these on a video by Zoella and she said that apparently they get rid of all the crap that's on your nose. And so they're exactly what I needed, thanks to my everlasting blackheads.

4. Barry M Gelly Nail Polish ( Satsuma 248 & Blueberry 312) - £3.99 each
   Some of my friends have this and I've been hearing good things from the range. I decided to get colours that I might not normally choose, and recently I love bright summery colours, but it might just because it gets me in the summery mood!

5. Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lipstick - £5.49
   This was previously talked about in my 'If I Ever Have Money To Spend' list, and because I had the money I thought I might as well. And it's f a b.

   I also got some No. 7 Foundation Powder; which I might try and do a cheeky review on if I ever get the time. But that is all I got from yesterday's outings, and I'm pleased with everything I got. Thank you very much and I shall see you soon.


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