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   For once I've been busy this week, with it being exam week and me stressing over revision, but on Thursday I finally got to see Canterbury (A band from surrey) so that cheered me right up! I've been wanting to see this band for so long now, and when they announced the tour, I immediately bought a ticket. Even though it was on a Thursday night, I still somehow had time to get ready, and I thought I would take you through the night, from what I wore to the gig itself.

  So once I had come in from school, I headed straight upstairs to get ready, and played some of Canterbury's album Heavy In The Day. This is just something I do before I go to a gig, I play the band's album to get in the mood I suppose. I then did my make-up and used my usual concealer, powder and mascara. I also decided to go for a simple cat eye and a lipstick that wouldn't look too much. The mulberry colour is really good for both subtle and bold looks; if you want it subtle then just apply the one time for a light pinky colour. If you want it darker then you just apply it again, for a darker mulberry colour.

1. No7 Mineral Perfection Powder Foundation
2. Barry M lipstick - Mulberry 73
3. Benefit Boi ing Concealer - 01
4. Rimmel London Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
5. Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara

  After that I styled my hair, a.k.a. messing it up a little. Since I end up sweating and smelling like body odour by the end of gigs (Lovely I know) I've learnt to just leave my hair as it is, but this time I just pinned back two sections on either side since my hair is quite long. I then got dressed, and decided to wear my black levi shorts; which I probably wear more than I should, with some black tights and some dusty slip-on vans. Shoes like these are a MUST when going to gigs for me because a) They're super comfy b) I can scuff and wreck them all I want c) They're black and go with anything. I also wore my sleeveless Nirvana t-shirt that I got from Judy's Vintage Fair in 2011 I think. I bought it as a t-shirt and then just cut the sleeves off - Like I end up doing with most of the t-shirts I buy. 

   The gig itself was literally a m a z i n g. I loved everything about it, the venue (The Deaf Institute, Manchester) was so quirky and had a really chilled vibe, and it felt like a place where you could just have fun and listen to music. It's honestly my favourite venue now, and I can't wait to go there again for The Summer Set in June! The two support acts were pretty great as well, considering I've never heard of them in my life, I automatically liked the sound of them - Even though my friend Roslyn was a little affected by the sound. The two bands were called Attention Thieves, and Morain, and they all seemed like genuine nice guys. We got pictures with them after Canterbury had played, and even though it sounds super cheesy, it just seemed like they were normal people. Knowing they were in a band made me a little fangirly, but when you talk to them you see that they're just people and you can talk to them like you would with your friends. But anyway, enough of that deep speech, here's the pictures I got with them:

I think I got the best pictures with Attention Thieves, personally.
Wil Frost from Morain has some beautiful cheekbones
   After the support bands had played, they just came into the audience and watched Canterbury with us - I felt weird at first, but I didn't complain. Then it was time for the best band ever! I'm not going to rant on and on abut how amazing they were because I'd write a novel, but they made me love them even more, if that was ever possible. I just LOVE their music, and I think I just went mental when my favourite songs came on. I think I looked even more ridiculous though as I was the only one jumping at the back, with Roslyn stood behind me probably pretending she didn't know me. If you haven't heard Canterbury's music, here's a song called Saviour which is brilliant -
  And then the night sadly then came to a close, and we headed back home. Honestly it was an amazing night, and I shall be dragging Roslyn back with me next year when they tour again with their new album. As you may have seen by the post title, this is only part uno, and there are 3 other parts still left to come from other gigs I have planned for the next two months. As always I'll write about them and show you any snaps I manage to get. But here's a couple from Thursday, and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Luke Prebble from Canterbury

Yes, it's me and and Luke Prebble!

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