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  I just thought I would post again today since something very important happened, and I thought it would be best writing it out like this to get it over with. I'm sorry but my dip dye has officially gone! As you may or may not know I've previously had the 'ombre' style hair, however mine was much more blonder and probably stood out more. And since I get bored of my hair way too quickly, I thought I would go darker again at the ends. I researched on google images trying to find some decent pictures to take to the hairdressers with me (Always recommended) and I came to the conclusion that I wanted my hair like Zoella's, before she dyed hers blonde like it is now. In some of her videos she's seen with very dark hair, but with a slightly lighter brown at the ends, and I really liked this.

According to my hairdresser I even look like Zoe! Probably the
biggest complement of my life :-)
   So I showed my hairdresser Laura, she's so lovely, and she matched up the colour for me. I also had some pictures of swooped fringes, but I managed to describe it to her correctly; which is a very big achievement for me I have to say. Before, my hair was very blonde, and I used the Lee Stafford shampoo and conditioner that I've talked about before in A Few Beauty Buys. Now my hair is a lovely light brown at the ends, and I like the subtle difference between my natural and the dyed hair. I also love my fringe, since in the past the hairdresser has always messed it up somehow. I suppose I should thank Zoella for that again, since I researched what she used to ask for when she had her fringe.

   For once I've come home from the hairdressers a very happy girl, and I definitely love my new hair! Even though I did love my blonde dip dye, I love this lighter brown even more, and it is nice to have a change once in a while. Just don't do what I do and change your mind every month...


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