I'm currently waiting to be picked up by my dad from my auntie's, after a long hard night of babysitting. Well it's actually not 'working' because I get to spend time with my cousins and I get to eat whatever I want. All of that and I get paid! But that money won't be saved, oh no, I'm going to go shopping on Friday with my bestie Roslyn and spend it ALL. I know I shouldn't but I have that 'List of things to buy if I ever have money,' so I'll be crossing off a few items from that list - Including some of the things I've posted about in the past.

   Throughout tonight we took pictures and filmed strange videos (One of the videos is actually 17 minutes long), and now I'm watching Glee with my auntie and updating this blog. Some of the videos we took are hilarious, and I'm not so sure whether to post them or not. But they're basically me and my cousin dancing badly to Taylor Swift and One Direction. That's what I call a fun night. I also filmed some videos that I was thinking about editing into a possible future YouTube video; however I probably won't post them because I'm still too scared of what people might think. Ugh I hate it.

   Anyway, I've had a fab night with my little people, and I should get some sleep when I eventually arrive home. Tomorrow I'm going out with some of the friends, and then Friday I'm obviously going shopping, and starting dancing again. After about two months of not bothering to go. I've just heard my dad walk through the front door, so I guess I should leave it here. Goodnight...

They grow up so darn fast

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