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   At first glance my room is not your standard 'Instagram' themed bedroom, with pretty floral patterns and make-up stands everywhere, but I still love it. And I thought I'd share with you the top 5 things I love most about my bedroom, so here they are:

1. My Bed's Headboard
   When I first got my bed I loved it! But for some reason I started to find small strands of ribbon, string ect. and tie them onto the side of my bed. I then found some old bracelets from Primark and tied those on too. Eventually they kind of built up and now I have multiple types of material tied onto each side of my bed, but I think it looks quite pretty. I also keep my bowler hat on one side of my bed, since even though I don't wear it as much as I'd like to, I like to keep it somewhere where I can see it - If that even makes sense. On the headboard itself, I have gaps in between it, and so I weaved some old knitting wool I found around them because I like the different colours. I also got some battery powered fairy lights for around my headboard, and I think they look really pretty at night when I lie in bed.

2. A Small Collection of Cd's
   Whenever I like music, like most people today I'll download it from somewhere (So rebellious I know) But this year I've made a minor attempt at owning some actual CD's and burning them to my iTunes for my iPod. Now I don't own a lot, but with the one's I do own I keep them on my window sill, and I just like the thought of owning a physical copy of an album. I also think it's nice for when I'm older, and hopefully if I still have them, it would be nice to look back on the music I enjoyed as a teenager and maybe bore my children someday with the music I listened to - Kind of like what my dad does now I suppose. In the future, if I do have any spare money and if there's an album out I REALLY want, then I can hopefully buy it for my little collection.

3. The Beauty Shoe Box
   Recently I cleaned out most of my room and spent the whole day organising things. I then got all of the beauty products I own and put them in my Dr Martens shoe box, however it doesn't fully close, but ah well. In this box there's pretty much anything you need, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, dry shampoo, hand cream, body scrub, face scrub, nail polish remover, heat defence spray, and the list goes on. This box is basically full of everything I love, and it's fab.

4. Electric Guitar
   At the beginning of last year I decided that I wanted to learn to play guitar again, after my failure in primary school with the acoustic guitar. But this time I really loved the idea of learning the electric guitar, as it's something not many people learn first. So last summer I started to save up any money I had, whether it was from babysitting or my birthday, and eventually I had enough to buy my guitar as well as all the equipment I needed. I was actually quite proud of myself for saving as long as I did, since I usually can't last a couple of weeks without going into town. When it first arrived I was so excited, and I think my dad may have even been more excited than me to be fair. But I started to practice a few simple chords, and I learned some of the basic things myself online. I'm currently trying to learn Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, but it's had to go on hold for a while because of school. Hopefully though I'll be able to get back to it soon.

5. My Walls
   Some people may think it looks horrible, some may say it looks good. My friend Roslyn first started to do this with Kerrang magazine; which is basically a magazine for rock music, and I really liked this idea. So I started buying the magazines for myself, and after reading them I would cut out the parts that had my favourite bands on, and then stick them to my walls. I then bought more and more magazines, and it started to build up over time - When actually I was only meant to cover one wall at first, oops! I then started to write lyrics on my walls, as well as having a slight obsession with a band called You Me At Six, and now my entire room seems to be filled with magazine pages. I also have an archway in my room, which I started to place photos of friends, family, holidays, gigs ect. on. The flowery wallpaper and a coffee coloured paint was my original room, but now nothing in my room actually matches, which I kind of like. I think my favourite thing about having walls like these, is my family's reactions when they first saw it, some were quite shocked to say the least. My nan in particular.

   But that is that ladies and gents, the 5 favourite things in my room. I'm currently planning a new design for my bedroom,  since my mum and dad said I could re-decorate after the summer holidays, so I'm deciding on colours for my walls. I want to go with a simple white, but I don't know whether to choose a nice pastel colour to go with it. I was thinking maybe green or blue, but I'm not so sure yet. Anyway I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and makes the most of this decent weather if you have it. I on the other hand will be revising for exams, oh the joys. Cheerio!


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