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   Hello lovelies! I know I've not posted in what seems like forever, but I promise that if I do have something interesting to write about, then I will. Like today for example, if you want to call it interesting. Today I thought I would head out with Roslyn and Alice, since the weather was moderately pleasant. We went for a walk around the golf course, near where we live, and basically just took a lovely stroll. Although, I don't think the golfers were happy with us walking across the course in the middle of their game, but we just like to live life on the edge I suppose.

Some lovely scenic views (Roslyn Knight Photography)
   After we had walked around the majority of places nearby, we decided to head back to Roslyn's, back down the way we had already came. However we had forgotten about the muddy path that we'd previously took, and so we had a little bit of an issue getting through the mud. All I can say, without humiliating myself, is that I tried to jump over and ended up with both of my feet covered in sludge. (Obviously no video evidence is available.) But after we kind of successfully passed, we eventually got to Rozza's and just chilled in her conservatory for a while. That's when I introduced Alice to the world of YouTubers, and most importantly Jack and Finn Harries. How that girl has lived without seeing them is beyond me!

   After that Alice decided to head home, since she had to try and clean her shoes. And so left me and Roslyn. We basically spent the night trying to edit videos, reminiscing over holiday photos, and Roslyn's brother trying to hover his Xbox. You know, just the usual Friday night for us. And well that was that, I hope if you are still reading this, then maybe give us a cheeky follow. If not, no problem.

Happy Good Friday everyone!

Golf Course Hangs
Guess which one of us didn't make it over the mud?

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