05:27Megan Porter

   Two posts in one day, wow I'm doing alright. But this is just a weekly update from moi, just to let you know about my really exciting life. On Monday we finally performed our drama panto piece to some primary school. I must admit, just as we were about to start, I did feel a little nervous but then once we started it was all good. Actually I mentioned something similar yesterday to my friends, about how when I have to speak in a formal way, I get so nervous and sometimes it's a worry in case I don't speak at all. But with drama, I can just openly start talking and not feel the nerves one bit. Back to Monday's events though, we performed really well, and they really enjoyed it! One primary school liked it so much that we're now performing again to 40 people from Romania next Monday. As well as that, we're also performing it next Thursday night to all our family and friends; which I'm actually really looking forward to. Plus we're selling tickets for Comic Relief, so it's all for a good cause.

   The most important day this week though has to be Thursday, since we finally got our exam results. Now I'm only in year 10, so we only got our science and English results back. But still, I'm extremely happy to announce that  I got an A in science, and 36/40 for my English, because they only give out 'Raw Marks.' (I don't like that phrase for some reason.) I was so happy when I opened the envelope, because I'd worried about this exam before since we all thought it was really hard. Plus I also found out that I was only five marks off from and A* which really surprised me, who knew.

   I think getting these results has made me believe in myself more, and has made me realise that I actually have the potential to get all A's in my final GCSE's. As soppy as that sounds, it's true, and now I'm probably even more determined to get to Winstanley College. That would be amazing.


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