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   So last night, I went to watch the fabulous One Direction at the Manchester MEN Arena. I suppose I should also say a big thank you to my friend Alice, as without her I wouldn't have been able to go in the first place. Before we set off, I had about an hour to get ready, which didn't seem that bad at the time since I was already dressed. However, I still ended up rushing around, curling my hair and attempting to paint my nails. The outfit I chose for the night consisted of my black denim Levi shorts with plain black tights, and my cherry red Doc Martens. I also wore a plain white blouse, along with a navy blue hoodie and an over-sized denim jacket. The hoodie did have a purpose though, and that was to hide my Nikon camera, and make sure the people working at the arena didn't confiscate it or something. It is possible!

#OOTN (Outfit of The Night)

   When we successfully arrived at the arena, with all our personal possessions still with us, we found our seat on the right-hand side towards the back. The seats weren't too bad, you could see the stage and we still got a good view of the boys. Whilst we were waiting, I decided to do a few Keeks to pass the time, and the crowd did a couple of mexican waves as well. I also went for a little walk by myself, and bought a One Direction wrist band to get in the spirit of things. On my way back I also spotted some One Direction masks they were giving out for free, so I raided the piles of face masks and got all the members. (Sadly, I didn't arrive home later that night with all the boys, Niall had been left behind, sorry!)

   The first support act was a solo artist called Camryn, I had never heard of this girl in my life, but I don't think I'll be adding her to my ipod any time soon. That's all I have to say on the matter. However a band I will be adding to my ipod, is a band called 5 Seconds of Summer, who opened up just before One Direction. The band is from Australia, and apparently they're famous on YouTube. Their music was really catchy, kind of McFly meets One Direction in a way. Each member of the band also sang and played an instrument; which I thought was a little different, so I loved them even more.

   After the two support acts it was time. The whole arena went pitch black, and I think my ear drum burst multiple times with the amount of screaming girls. With the crazy fan girls aside, they were absolutely positively fantastic! I think it's safe to say that this band are my guilty pleasure, and I've grown to love them even more now after last night. Despite the fact I only knew a handful of songs, I still danced around like a goon, and had an amazing time. They were funny, entertaining, and it was a great show to watch in general. During the show, they also lifted up into the air on some sort of platform, and travelled over the audience at the front to reach a square stage in the middle of the arena. This was something I really liked, since the audience at the back got to have a better view too. During their time on the small stage, they answered questions that people had tweeted in from the arena itself. And a member from 5SOS had tweeted asking them to sing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. AND THEY DID. The whole arena sang it together, and it was so good, words cannot describe. 

   My favourite song of the night had to be their cover of Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. I think I was the only one who knew the entire lyrics to the song, so I got a few funny looks from the people around me. I honestly didn't care, because I was enjoying singing really badly. By the end of the night, I have to admit I was a converted dierectioner, and I will definitely be seeing them again live in the future.

   I think I shall end it here with a few cheeky snaps, and I will see you lovelies very soon.

My new One Direction mug is the best, plus the bag it was in matches:-)


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