08:41Megan Porter

   First things first, apologies for not posting in a whole full week, but this week has been quite busy. I finally finished my maths mock exams so I guess that's one thing finished with, and hopefully I'll get my results back next week and let you know! I was thinking about year 11 though a lot this week, because they were doing their final maths exams, and I felt stupid because I was worried about mocks. I think I need to calm down a little.

   Apart from maths this week, I also had to perform our drama piece to the whole year 7 year on Friday. At the moment my class are working on a panto piece aimed at year 5's in particular, but we got the chance to practice in front of them for the first time, then we could get some feedback. If I'm honest I was a little nervous since I'm playing the modern prince charming character in the play (There's only girls in my class by the way) but I didn't forget any lines or cues; which is obviously a good thing. The only part I was worried about though is the audience interaction parts, and I was scared of the audience not replying when I had to encourage them to join in. They all looked at me and my friend like we were talking another language, but we got through it in the end. That whole performance though was in preparation for when a number of primary schools come to watch us on Monday, as well as our friends and family sometime in the next couple of weeks. Now that will be awful.

   The majority of today has been spent with Roslyn, we decided to go into town this morning for my mama's day present - A Bruno Mars CD and some chocolates, good call Megan - and just a general browse. We also got ourselves a Starbucks; which I haven't had in what seems like a lifetime, so good! After that we headed home and then met up again to take Roslyn's dog Hollie out for a little walk. It just reminded me that where we live is actually so lovely, all the fields and little paths, I forget about it all sometimes. That was just my small sentimental part right there.

   After the walk we both headed home, and I'm now sat in my pyjama bottoms and slippers, chilling to some One Direction - I don't even care, I like all of three songs by them. Time for relaxing now I think, and I'll see you sometime in the near future. Au revoir!

P.S. This frozen yogurt is too good


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