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07:51Megan Porter

   Bonjour mes amis! So I have a relatively small list on my notice board in my room, with things I would like to purchase if I ever have any money to freely spend (Which isn't very often) But I thought I would share with you the top 5 things!

1. Kate Moss Matte Lipstick (Colour 107) - £5.49, Boots
   I have a few red lipsticks in my small make-up collection; since the only make-up I wear is mascara, eye-liner and lipstick. But for this one, I saw Zoella wear on one of her haul videos (If you don't know what I'm talking about, please watch her videos on youtube, thank you!) Anyway, I really liked the dark colour, because I've been looking for one like this for a while now, and it's definitely something I need to purchase if I ever have the chance.

2. Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara (Rimmel London) - £7.99, Boots
   Here's the thing, my mum had already bought this mascara some weeks ago, and I started to use it since my old one was running out. I really did like this mascara, as it isn't clumpy and it made my eyelashes look really long - And I don't have many eyelashes if I'm honest. So even though I technically already have it, I suppose I just want to purchase my own so then me and my mum don't have to share it anymore.

3. Cath Kidston Mugs - £6.50 each,
   I recently went for tea at my nan's house, and like all nans do, she made me a cup of tea! She came in with the sweetest mugs, and she said that they were from a Cath Kidston store when she went to Wales. I'd heard of Cath Kidston before, and also knew about their prices; which is why I never really bothered to buy anything. The mugs I found though are really pretty, and I've decided to get two of them, since I have this thing for mugs at the moment.
4. Blue Star Fairy Lights - £2.39, Ebay
   These would be a random purchase if I did buy them one day. I already have some LED fairy lights around the headboard of my bed, but I wanted some more for around my notice board. That's when I found these really cheap on Ebay, in different colours and shapes, but I liked the blue stars.

5. Black Suede Chelsea Heeled Boots - Around £16, Ebay
   I don't know about you but sometimes I just like browsing on Ebay for things I probably don't need. But these shoes are great. I was going to purchase them in February, when my friend was going to have a birthday meal, but then she went on holiday and I didn't buy them. I was actually quite gutted since these would have been really nice and comfortable to wear. I've tried on the flat chelsea boots before in New Look, and I really like the type of shoe. If I did but these though, I would obviously only wear them for occasions like people's birthdays and what not.

   And that is it! The top 5 things on my 'List of things to buy if I ever have money to spend.' I shall see you very soon my lovelies, I might even do another post today if I finish tidying my room.


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