10:37Megan Porter

   In the past, going out for meals has never been a strong point in our family, since it usually ends up with us all shouting and then going home before the main course has arrived. However today went surprisingly well. Apart from the usual wind up from my little brother, we actually made conversation and ate a three course meal together. Go family!

I love the menus

   The food was really good, as it always is, and the film was amazing too. I definitely recommend on going to see the new Oz film, especially in 3D. Back to lunch though, I think I can honestly say that Frankie and Benny's have the best fries in the world, and I would like to see anyone prove me wrong. I also had an amazing ice-cream sundae with cookies and strawberries, so so good. They also gave me and my brother those little colouring books and we had a fab time with those, of course. Plus, a note to anyone reading this, if you go to Frankie and Benny's on mother's day, they give you a bottle of your mum's favourite wine. It was so nice what they did, the bottle was all wrapped up, and they gave her a card too. I was slightly envious I must admit.
Anways, I best get back to my ICT coursework, oh the joys.


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