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09:04Megan Porter

   Happy Sunday all! I guess I didn't have time to post again yesterday, but I was getting ready to go to my friends Roslyn's. We had a great time, just in case you were all interested, we just kept filming really bad videos that I hope no one will EVER see. But this week I ordered a few little things for myself, and I ordered them because it's easier and I can go a little mental with a card. It's fun though!

1. Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo and Conditioner - £6.39 each, Boots
   In case you didn't know, I have dip-died blonde hair, and I got it re-done at the hairdressers after dying it myself. The only thing is I'm not really one of those people who take a great deal in looking after their hair, when really I know I should. And I'm constantly worried about my hair looking yellowy all the time. That's when I came across a Zoella video about dip-dye hair care. She talked about all these different products, and then she talked about this shampoo and conditioner. They're by Lee Stafford, so it's good quality, and you basically use it once a week to remove those brassy tones in your hair. It may be little expensive for me, so I think I'll be looking into some cheaper versions, but then again you are only suppose to use it once a week so it will last. The shampoo did scare me a little when it came out a really deep purple colour, but the shampoo and conditioner smells fabulous. Hopefully it will work for me, fingers crossed!

2. Rimmel London Pro Matte Finish - £4.59, Boots
   Now I'd already seen this before since my friend has it, and I saw it from other people on instagram, so I thought I would give it a go. You can put this topcoat onto any nail varnish, and it goes from a shiny gloss to a matte texture. It's really good if you fancy a change, and it looks nice too with different colours. I'm not so sure how long this will last me, but it's a great buy if you're thinking about purchasing this. The brush is also rounded; which makes it easier to apply.

3. Barry M Nail Varnish - Navy £2.99, Pink Textured £3.99, Boots
   The last little purchase this week was some new Barry M nail varnish/polish whatever. The first one I got was a navy blue colour, and I chose this colour because I thought it would look good along with the matte topcoat. The only thing about dark nail varnishes is that it can make your hands look really pale, especially if you have pale skin already. The second Barry M I bought was from the new textured range they've recently brought out. I decided that I prefered the baby pink colour, but they also do other pastel colours like lilac, green and blue. I've not tried this out yet, but I may try it out later if I have time today.

   Well that's it really! Hardly a haul but I just thought I'd share my weekly purchases with you.


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