03:08Megan Porter

   Today's not going to be as eventful as yesterday, since the whole of today will be spent finishing homework - Great I know. But that's why I thought I'd let you know about my day yesterday, and how me and another 29 people from my year were chosen to visit an RAF Centre in Liverpool.

   We took a minibus there, and spent that time taking pictures or posting to Keek. Then we arrived to, of what can only be described, as some sort of military camp. At this point I thought I was going to die. We saw two men smoking too outside with shaved heads; which didn't really make the situation any better. But anyway, we were took into a warehouse-like building, that was absolutely FREEZING. Seriously though, by the end of the day my feet were numb.

   With the temperature of the room aside, the first activity we did was an army plane simulator; which was actually quite good. I was put as the navigator whilst Michael flew the plane, and I must admit, it was fun to learn about parts of the plane and how to fly one. You never know, you might be looking at the next female pilot (I highly doubt it though). After that, we did a small activity were we had to be blindfolded, and then had to guess which shapes were missing from a selection of shapes. This took quite some time though, since I didn't even understand what to do at first. But in the end, we did it!

   After a lunch break and a catch up with the other groups, our last activity was by far the best of the day. It was a short assault course, with ropes, poles, and podiums we had to travel across. The whole point of it was to communicate with each other in the group, and I think we managed that.

This isn't actually us doing the course, I just thought it would be good to show you what it looked like.

   Overall, I'm glad I went yesterday, since I was certain I wouldn't go at the beginning of the week. It was a fab day and I learnt a lot, plus we got a free pen. But anyway,  I hope you all have a better day than me. I better go and get started on some of this work.


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