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10:05Megan Porter

   Just a quick post to share my excitement for gigs I have coming up for this year! This afternoon I ordered tickets to see Canterbury on the 25th April at The Deaf Institute, in Manchester. I'm really looking forward to seeing Canterbury since I only started to properly listen to their music later on last year. I really like the slightly indie sound they have as a band, plus they're not that bad looking. I first heard of this band through an interview from You Me At Six, and when Max Helyer mentioned them, I thought I'd try them out. If you haven't already, then please check this band out, they're British and their newest album Heavy In The Day is hard to dislike. The venue I'm going to see them in looks fairly small, and I've never been there before, so it will be a surprise to me when I get there.

   Another band I'm going to see at The Deaf Institute is The Summer Set, on the 1st June. This date the band are playing is their last, so I'm particularly looking forward to this gig to see what they have planned. I first saw The Summer Set live last month when I went to see All Time Low in Manchester. They were supporting with Lower Than Atlantis, and I really enjoyed the vibe of the show. Although we did come in late so they had already started. I'd listened to this band before, since I had them on my ipod, but I'd never really took interest in them as one of those bands I listen to regularly. On the night though, they were really good, I was especially into the female drummer they have since it was something new I'd never really seen before.

   As always I'll be going with my gig buddy Roslyn, who always attends them with me, and we always have a great time. I'm also hopefully ordering tickets to see We Are The In Crowd on the 9th May at the HMV Ritz, in Manchester. This is a band I'm most definitely familiar with, as well as the venue, and I can't wait to see them live again for the third time! I'm also currently trying to persuade some of my other friends to come and see them, since they're all newbies to gigs, so hopefully they'll enjoy it. Anyway, so much for a 'quick' post, I should probably go now since I still haven't completed any of that work I said I would finish this morning. To end this, I'll leave you with some photos of past gigs, happy Saturday everyone!

 The lovely Tay Jardine at the Vans Music Night, 13/10/12.

Myself and Roslyn at the Vans Music Night, 13/10/12.


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